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All international flights arrive at Incheon International Airport (IIA) except certain flights from Japan and China. From IIA, you can either take a connecting car, bus or subway to Uijeongbu and or Dongducheon

SHINHAN UNIVERSITY is very close to the subway station. Take the #1 line and get off at Shinhan University Station (Mangwolsa Station) or at Dongducheon Central Station! It's within a 1-minute distance on foot and 7-minute by shuttle, respectively.

Take a subway from IIA to Seoul Train Station (approx. 60-min), and transfer to #1 line to Campus 1 in Uijeongbu city (1 hour) #4 exit, getting off at Shinhan University Station (Mangwolsa Station), #1 line

from Shinhan Univ. to Suyuri and Dongdaemun in Seoul
bus #202, 202-1, 203, 203-1, 203-2, 10, 136, 136-5, 139, 139-5, 25-1, 36, 36-5, 106

from Soyo Mountain to Shinhan Univ
bus # 39, 39-3, 39-5

double-deckers run from Goyan, Ilsan, and Paju region